Arduino Day 2014 @ISCTE-IUL (Streaming)

João Alves -CSEduino – Build your Arduino from scratch:
César Afonso – Different Flavours, the same goal (Arduino and the .NETMicroFramework):
Hugo Plácido – BITalino: Let’s get phy… siological:
Guilherme Martins – Arduino usages in commercial projects:

Dia da Liberdade Documental – 14:00 – 18:00



  • 14h-14h30 // Prof. Carlos Costa e Rui Seabra – Painel de Abertura
  • 14h30-15h // Alexandre Marreiros ( – HTML5 and the new Web Order
  • 15h-15h30 // Sérgio Prazeres ( – Sistemas de Informação Geográfica em formatos Livres
  • 15h30-16h // Tiago Carrondo ( – Formação com Software Livre
  • 16h-16h30 // Ana Branco ( – [a definir]
  • 16h30-17h // Adriano Afonso ( – Manual TIC e LibreOffice
  • 17h-18h // Debate – Documentação e CMS’s

Arduino Day 2014

ARDUINODAYArduino is celebrating his 10th anniversary and is organizing the Arduino Day. According to the official site:”Arduino Day is a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s first 10 years. It’s 24 hours full of events – both official and independent, anywhere around the world – where people interested in Arduino can meet, share their experiences, and learn more.”So it’s with great pleasure that we associate this great event and we are organizing the Arduino Day at ISCTE. This event will occur in the morning of 29th of March and will have conferences, show and tell and some beginners workshop

You can follow the blog dedicated to the event at:
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